CEO message
South Korea's first Tax Refund company, strive to become a world-class tax-free company.
we will prepare for a leap
forward to become
a world class tax free company.
CEO Kang Jin Won
We sincerely appreciate customers who show continuous support and attention for the development of Global Tax Free.

Since foundation in Dec. 2005, as the No.1 tax free provider in Korea, GLOBAL TAX FREE has provided global shoppers with the best quality tax refund service. We also merged tax refund business of other competitors then firmly dominated local tax refund market in Korea.

GLOBAL TAXFREE owns the most refund infrastructures of all providers by serving major department stores, global luxury brands, and local shopping retailers. This success make us expand business to global market from Singapore and Japan to Europe that is the biggest tax refund market in the world.

Singapore office is successfully expanding business by becoming official refund operator for Changi international airport. Japan office is focusing on opening tax refund office for major department stores and shopping malls in Japan. In Europe, beginning of merging local provider called Simply Tax Free, we continue to get into European market and other global market as well. We promise you that we are going to become World Class Tax Free provider with knowledge and experience we have had in Korean market.